Unusual communication between the lingual nerve and mylohyoid nerves in a South Indian male cadaver: its clinical significance

Vol. 50 No. 1, 2009


Bhagath Kumar Potu, Thejodhar Pulakunta, Biswabina Ray, Muddanna S. Rao, K. M. R. Bhat, Suhani Sumalatha D'Silva, S. R. Nayak

It is well known that variations in the branching pattern of the mandibular nerve frequently account for the failure to obtain adequate local anesthesia in routine oral and dental procedures, and also for the unexpected injury to branches of the nerves during surgery. During our routine dissection, we found the presence of a communicating branch between the mylohyoid and lingual nerves in a middle aged male cadaver. We also discussed its clinical and surgical implications in this report.

Corresponding author: Bhagath Kumar Potu, e-mail: potukumar2000@gmail.com

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