Lung cancer and type 2 diabetes experience in Dolj County (southwest region of Romania) - a clinical, bioclinical and pathological study

Vol. 64 No. 3, 2023


Mihai Cosmin Stan, Camil-Ciprian Mirestean, Daniel Stoica, Florina-Carmen Popescu, Florinel Badulescu

Background and Aim: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cancer, the most important public health problems nowadays, and the mechanisms between the presence of diabetes and the development of malignancies remain unclear. The leading cause of cancer death in 2020 is attributed to lung cancer. This study aimed to highlight the impact of the association of these two diseases and the predominant histopathological type of lung cancer in the selected group, glycemic imbalance, and information about the course and outlook for these patients. Patients, Materials and Methods: The authors proposed a case-control 10-year period study, between 2007 and 2017, of two groups of patients diagnosed with T2D and lung cancer who underwent hospitalization at the Clinic of Medical Oncology, Emergency County Hospital, Craiova, Romania. Results: Our study showed a higher incidence of lung adenocarcinoma in patients diagnosed with T2D. The inflammatory syndrome is more pronounced in the diabetic group, which is supported by correlations between lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), albumin, and hemoglobin levels. Conclusions: The duration of cancer treatment in lung cancer and the survival rate is strongly influenced by the presence of diabetes as a concomitant disease.

Corresponding author: Mihai Cosmin Stan, MD, PhD Student; e-mail:

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