Surgical treatment for patent ductus arteriosus in adult patients: a single center experience

Vol. 63 No. 4, 2022


Horatiu Suciu, Marius Mihai Harpa, Liviu Moraru, Andrei Dan Raicea, Victor Cornel Raicea

In contemporary practice, percutaneous closure of the patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) has become the procedure of choice. While the surgical ligation of ductus arteriosus ensures an immediate and definitive obliteration of the ductus, this therapeutic option is rarely used and reserved for situations when percutaneous solution is unsuitable. In this manuscript, we summarize the clinical and intraoperative findings of consecutive adult patients referred to our Institution in an interval of 10 years for surgical treatment of PDA. A total of five cases of surgical closure for PDA were performed in our Center. Four subjects were not suitable for percutaneous closure, and one was discovered intraoperatively, during surgery for another cardiac condition. In all patients, the closure of the PDA was carried out by means of a suture with reinforced patch threads, in a double layer. The intervention was performed in total cardiopulmonary bypass and mild or moderate hypothermia, through a transpulmonary approach. Total circulatory arrest was not required, in any of the cases. The occlusive balloon technique was applied to all patients. All patients survived the intervention and did not suffer perioperative complications. Postoperative follow-up at 36 months did not show repermeabilization of the arterial duct or aneurysmal dilation of the adjacent aorta. Moreover, all patients showed postoperative improvement in the performance of the left ventricle. In adult patients with PDA and contraindication to percutaneous closure or in those who require surgical sanction for other cardiac diseases, surgical closure of the duct is safe and associated with favorable clinical evolution.

Corresponding author: Andrei Dan Raicea, MD, Resident Physician; e-mail:

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