Update on placenta accreta spectrum disorders by considering epidemiological factors, ultrasound diagnosis and pathological exam - literature review and authors experience

Vol. 63 No. 2, 2022


Ruxandra Viorica Stanculescu, Elvira Bratila, Demetra Gabriela Socolov, Manuela Cristina Russu, Vasilica Bausic, Raluca Chirculescu, Ciprian Andrei Coroleuca, Anda Ioana Pristavu, Ramona Elena Dragomir, Petru Papuc, Antoanela Tanca, Alexandra Irma Gabriela Bausic

The aim of this paper was to correlate the circumstances that could lead to an abnormal invasion of placenta with the updated requirements to perform screening by ultrasound for all pregnant women prone to develop this pathology. To screen in the middle trimester of gestation for placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) disorders sets up an in-time referral opportunity for pregnant women prenatally detected with this pathology to a medical center with elevated level of expertise in the management of PAS disorders, able to act permanently by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) and to have access at medical resources including blood bank available. The literature review reveals especially useful data for clinical practice as regards novel explanations related to the etiology and physiopathology of PAS disorders, the composition of the MDT and the relevance of an indispensable pathologist physician at the time of Cesarean hysterectomy involved in the selection of best samples with the purpose of avoiding the possibility of losing undiagnosed cases with litigation implications. Conclusions show that the prenatal diagnosis of PAS disorders is possible so decreasing the risk of mortality and morbidity of pregnant women. Screening in the second trimester of pregnancy for PAS disorders becomes mandatory as the number of births by Cesarean section is expected to rise past three-fold until 2030. The professional expertise of the pathologist physician could be enriched by immunohistochemical staining in all suspected cases of placental invasion in myometrium wall.

Corresponding author: Ruxandra Viorica Stanculescu, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail: ruxandra.v.stanculescu@gmail.com; Alexandra Irma Gabriela Bausic, MD, PhD Student; e-mail: alexandra.bausic@drd.umfcd.ro

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