Postoperative retinal microstructure and functional outcome after inverted-flap technique associated with silicone oil tamponade in macular hole surgery

Vol. 62 No. 4, 2021


Christiana Diana Maria Dragosloveanu, Nicoleta Zamfiroiu-Avidis, Serban Dragosloveanu, Mihai Adrian Pasarica, Catalina Ioana Tataru, Paul Filip Curca

Purpose: Our retrospective study on 27 patients with a large mean macular hole diameter (MH-D) of 480.08+/-78.62 micro-m evaluates the usefulness of combining the current internal limiting membrane (ILM) inverted-flap surgical technique with silicone oil tamponade, which has been associated with the classical technique of ILM peeling. Results: Functional results: mean visual acuity (VA) improved to 0.89+/-0.11 logMar (logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution, at one month), 0.67+/-0.03 logMar (at three months), 0.52+/-0.04 logMar (at six months), 0.42+/-0.15 logMar (at one year) postoperative (final VA), with statistical linkage between preoperative VA and final VA (two-sample t-test, p=0.007), mean MH-D and final VA (regression analysis, p=0.003). We compared the results by MH size (Group A <=400 micro-m - eight eyes and Group B >400 micro-m - 19 eyes), finding statistical variance (Bonett and Levene methods). Group A presented a final VA of 0.21+/-0.12 logMar, while Group B had 0.51+/-0.17 logMar. Successful closure was noted in 25 (92.59%) cases, with Group A having complete closure and external limiting membrane (ELM) restoration with ellipsoid zone (EZ) regeneration in six cases. Group B had successful closure in 17 (89.47%) cases with ELM restoration in 16 cases and EZ regeneration in seven (38.88%) cases, with reintervention in two cases. Restoration of the ELM was correlated [Pearson s correlation coefficient (PCC) of 0.999, p=0.022] with successful closure, with overall restoration obtained in 24 (88.88%) cases and EZ regeneration in 13 (48.14%) cases. Conclusions: ILM inverted-flap technique with silicone oil tamponade had favorable functional and anatomical outcomes. ELM restoration was associated with successful MH closure.

Corresponding author: Catalina Ioana Tataru, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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