Multidisciplinary approach to patients with manifestations and pulmonary complications of cystic fibrosis

Vol. 61 No. 2, 2020


Viorel Biciusca, Ileana Octavia Petrescu, Cristina Elena Singer, Anca Gabriela Oancea, Ana-Maria Petrescu, Ionelia-Sorina Stan, Patricia Durand, Citto Iulian Taisescu, Daniela Dumitrescu, Mihaela Amelia Dobrescu, Ion Udristoiu, Diana Rodica Tudorascu, Florin Petrescu

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease, with autosomal recessive transmission, multisystemic, characterized by a remarkable clinical polymorphism and significant lethal prospective. Respiratory manifestations dominate the clinical picture, being present in all patients. The aim of the paper was to analyze the incidence of clinical manifestations, especially respiratory ones, as well as the contribution of interdisciplinary consultations to the positive diagnosis of CF, in a group of 16 patients who were hospitalized and treated in the IInd Pediatric Clinic and IInd Medical Clinic of the Emergency County Hospital, Craiova, Romania, in a period of 20 years. The 16 patients diagnosed with and treated of CF had all shown increased values of sweat chloride concentration of over 60 mmol/L. The main symptoms and clinical signs encountered in these patients were cough (75%), sputum (62.5%), dyspnea (50%), wheezing (50%), stature hypotrophy (100%), pallor (37.5%), cyanosis (25%). All 16 patients had an acute exacerbation of chronic pulmonary disease. Of the total hospitalizations, the death was recorded only in the case of one female patient. The association of some clinical aspects specific with a positive result of the sweat test or the presence of the two pathological alleles made room for determining a positive diagnosis. The multisystemic nature of this disease requires a multidisciplinary approach to these patients. Histopathologically, there was a correspondence between lung morphological lesions and the results of imaging investigations.

Corresponding author: Citto Iulian Taisescu, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:; Mihaela Amelia Dobrescu, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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