Syphilis associated with abdominal trauma and splenic rupture in pregnancy

Vol. 61 No. 2, 2020


Liliana Steriu, Roxana-Cleopatra Penciu, Corina Madalina Nour, Silvia Izvoranu, Iulia-Diana Mocanu, Gabriela-Izabela Baltatescu, Oana Cojocaru, Vlad-Iustin Tica

We present a case of a pregnant woman in the third trimester who came to the Department of Emergency, Sf. Apostol Andrei Emergency County Hospital, Constanta, Romania, in September 2016, for abdominal pain and ascites. After admission, the patient was periodically tested (biochemically and by ultrasound). We also payed attention to the fetal well-being. During the hospitalization, the patient was also found positive for syphilis. Biochemical values have progressively altered, the fetus started to present acute fetal distress and the patient gave birth by Caesarean section after two days of hospitalization. The intraoperatory surprise was hemoperitoneum caused by posttraumatic splenic rupture. The relevance of this case consists in its rarity (we were not able to find in the literature a case with the association of pregnancy, syphilis, trauma, and splenic rupture), in the difficult histopathological clear assertion and in the clinical awareness of such a condition.

Corresponding author: Liliana Steriu, MD; e-mail:

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