Difficulties in histopathology diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorder of breast cancer in male - clinical case presentation

Vol. 60 No. 3, 2019


Mara Jidveian Popescu, Aurel Slabaru, Ileana Marinescu, Andrei Popescu, Ovidiu Popa-Velea, Adela Magdalena Ciobanu

Breast cancer is less common among men than among women (about 1 in 100) and it is considered a rare disease but the evolution is significantly influenced by depression and distress. We present the case of a 63-year-old patient that was diagnosed in another Clinic with squamous skin carcinoma, but, after complete resection in our Hospital, it was proven to be breast cancer. At diagnosis, computed tomography (CT) scan showed local disease. Adjuvant treatment, consisting in chemotherapy and radiotherapy, was administered. At the beginning of hormonal therapy, the patient had a new CT scan that showed liver and bone metastases. The patient started palliative hormonal treatment with bisphosphonates. The aim of the study was to highlight both the importance of early diagnosis and treatment and the aggressiveness of male breast cancer compared with female. Depressive disorder and social distress worsens the prognosis and quality of life. Male with breast cancer has identity difficulties, body image disturbances and secondary distress.

Corresponding author: Ileana Marinescu, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail: marinescu_psy@yahoo.com

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