Designing an on-line database for morphological studies of three-dimensional liver tumors

Vol. 60 No. 3, 2019


Costin Teodor Streba, Mircea-Sebastian Serbanescu, Sorin Popescu, Roxana Cruce, Dan Ionut Gheonea, Ioana Andreea Gheonea

Introduction: Primary liver and pancreatic malignancies still make up for an increasing number of deaths worldwide. Diagnostic procedures are constantly evolving, with variable availability depending on referral center. Integrating and transmitting relevant medical data is becoming more necessary, for both medical learning and patient management. Patients, Materials and Methods: We selected a sample cohort from our larger study involving patients with liver and pancreatic primary malignancies. All patients provided informed consent and procedures were performed in accordance with usual regulations. Clinical and laboratory data of the selected patients were used to populate a database that also contained multimedia files presenting an interactive three-dimensional (3D) model of liver or pancreatic tumors. Results: The on-line interface developed to access the database had two levels of access. The public webpage only allowed interaction with the reconstructed model. The secured module allowed viewing of medical data, interaction with the complete tumor model as well as the ability to download the anonymized digital file containing the tumor reconstruction. This allowed fast printing, with a standard 3D printer, of the complete model with different levels of stiffness, for complete interaction for both teaching purposes and pre-operatory planning. Conclusion: This is the first attempt to implement a full-scale on-line solution for 3D tumor representation and manipulation, corroborated with clinical and laboratory data. This technology may bring important additional information for pre-operatory evaluation, treatment planning or medical training.

Corresponding author: Mircea-Sebastian Serbanescu, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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