Key regulations related to stem cell research

Vol. 60 No. 2, 2019


Maria Aluas, Doina Adina Todea, Claudia Diana Gherman

Medicine is an ever-changing science. Stem cell research is nowadays part of the medicine. After developments and trials for decades, in 1988 it was announced that a variety of diseases and injuries would be cured with new stem cell therapy, such as: cancer, diabetes, Parkinson s, spinal cord injuries and many others. After almost 10 years of research in the field, in 2007 other good news and hopes were announced: the possibility to create induced pluripotent stem cells, derived from somatic cells, easily used to establish any disease-specific cell line. And research is going on. In order to find answer to a variety of challenges in this area, a researcher faces the following main question: Which are the legislations and the normative standards to be taken into account when we are supposing to conduct a research on/with stem cells? The purpose of the paper is: (i) to familiarize professionals with the current steps in the evolution of stem cell research; (ii) to provide main legal orientations related to stem cell research; (iii) to indicate limits and explanations on legal regulations related to the research on stem cells.

Corresponding author: Maria Aluas, Lecturer, PhD; e-mail:

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