Suspicions of titanium allergic reaction influencing the prosthetic solution in a rare case of implant flowering

Vol. 60 No. 1, 2019


Oana-Cella Andrei, Livia Alice Tanasescu, Mihai Burlibasa, Marilena Bataiosu, Luminita Daguci, Liliana Burlibasa, Adina Andreea Turcu, Constantin Daguci

The aim of this paper is to eliminate suspicions of a titanium (Ti) allergy in a rare case of flowered implant in a 43-year-old female patient with metal allergies and no history of bruxism, using a histological and immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis to determine the phenotype of cells that participated in the immune response; also, to assess the prognosis of a future implant treatment and to highlight the psychological impact of osseointegrated implant failure caused by fracture, and the influence that the necessity to use extensive surgical procedures for reimplantation can have on the treatment solution chosen by the patient. The results of our IHC analysis did not indicate a clear response for a potential Ti allergy; still, due to psychological reasons, the patient rejected the replantation and considered the use of other restorative option, a three-unit bridge, as being the most appropriate for her. Considering her opinion and attitude, the fixed prosthetic denture assured the therapeutic success.

Corresponding author: Luminita Daguci, Associate Professor, DMD, PhD; e-mail:; Livia Alice Tanasescu, Assistant, DMD, PhD; e-mail:

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