Osseointegration of zirconium dental implants three months after insertion in rabbit femur. Histopathological study

Vol. 59 No. 3, 2018


Bogdan Andrei Bumbu, Gheorghe Adrian Bumbu, Mihail-Claudius Berechet, Vasile Rus, Flavia Ruxanda, Viorel Miclaus, Razvan Marius Vicas, Doina Iulia Rotaru, Mihaela Mirela Zdrinca, Camelia Florentina Ciobanu, Diana Berechet

Implantology is a highly researched field with a constant concern in finding and studying new implant materials. Lately, zirconium has become a very attractive alternative to the detriment of titanium, but the research results were sometimes contradictory. Thus, we considered as opportune to study the osseointegration of zirconium dental implants in rabbit femur, three months after insertion. The biological material was represented by five rabbits and the experimental protocol was approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Oradea, Romania. The implants (zirconium ceramic dental implants: 5 mm length, 2.6 mm diameter) were inserted in the femur under controlled conditions, after creating a bone defect. The animals received the appropriate postoperative care. Three months later, the implantation area was harvested and processed for histological examination. The assessment of the osseointegration process of the zirconium implants showed that they were very well tolerated by the host organism that did not trigger any rejection processes. Approximately 80% of the compromised bone was replaced with newly formed bone in advanced stages of remodeling and consolidation. The proliferated bone near the implants acquired a structure similar to the rabbit diaphyseal bone, but with higher density and size of the osteons. The stage reached by the osseointegration process three months after the insertion of the implants, ensures a good consolidation of the implants that supports the prosthetic structures, which are to be built on them.

Corresponding author: Gheorghe Adrian Bumbu, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail: adibumbu@yahoo.com

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