Empty sella associated with growth hormone deficiency and polydactyly

Vol. 59 No. 1, 2018


Maria Claudia Jurca, Marius Bembea, Kinga Kozma, Mircea Ioan Sandor, Rodica Anamaria Negrean, Luciana Dobjanschi, Emilia Albinita Cuc, Codruta Diana Petchesi, Alexandru Daniel Jurca

Empty sella means the absence of the pituitary gland on cranial computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. Empty sella syndrome is the pathological variant of the imaging-described empty sella. We present the case of a male Caucasian child, aged four years and two months, for short stature and diagnosed by imaging procedures as empty sella. The cause of short stature was isolated growth hormone (GH) deficiency. Associated he presented left hand postaxial polydactyly. In connection with this particular case, we propose a review of current knowledge in empty sella syndrome. The particularity of reported case consists of association empty sella with GH deficiency and polydactyly. The association of empty sella with polydactyly is not reported yet in the medical literature and is probably coincidental.

Corresponding author: Maria Claudia Jurca, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail: claudiajurca70@yahoo.com; Kinga Kozma, Assistant Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail: kozmaki@gmail.com

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