The cardiac tumors - some exceptional heart conditions

Vol. 59 No. 1, 2018


Ana-Maria Cristian, Oriana Elena Moraru, Viorel Constantin Goleanu, Marian Butusina, Florina Pinte, Bogdan-Virgil Cotoi, Gabriel Cristian

Cardiac tumors are exceptional cardiac conditions, since they have a minimal occurrence, according to statistics. The cardiac myxoma cases are the most dominant for the representative examples for these clinical situations. Those tumors being benign, the patients enjoy a reasonable life expectancy provided they receive an early diagnosis. In the absence of potential complications, the symptoms can vary very much and they may often be non-specific, a fact which makes it more difficult to establish a proper diagnosis and to quickly tailor the optimal therapeutic solutions. Surgery is, in the most cases, a comfortable solution, allowing the cases to be permanently healed. Nowadays, cardiac surgery provides all the needed facilities to diagnose cases at an early stage, when diagnosis is quick and accurate. This paper illustrates, by the means of two suggestive cases, how difficult it is to establish a quick positive diagnosis, which is vital for healing this condition with an evolutionary risk frequently worsen by major complications.

Corresponding author: Ana-Maria Cristian, MD, PhD Candidate; e-mail:; Bogdan-Virgil Cotoi, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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