Scientific and organizational achievements of Professor of Anatomy Henryk Kadyi - Rector Vigilantissimus Universitatis Leopoliensis

Vol. 58 No. 4, 2017


Andrzej Wincewicz, Monika Turek-Pietrzykowska

Henryk Kadyi (1851-1912) was educated in medicine at Jagiellonian and Vienna Universities, who deepened his studies in Leipzig to obtain associate professorship in descriptive anatomy at Alma Mater Cracoviensis, in 1878. He was elected Rector of Lvov University for years 1898-1899. Kadyi organized emerging Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Medicine in Lvov. He equipped them with excellent anatomical facilities, e.g., remarkable collections of anatomical specimens. Kadyi worked out plans and such a detailed curriculum of higher studies in veterinary medicine, that it was raised to the ranks of academic discipline. He profoundly described accessory praehyoid and suprahyoid remnants of thyroid tissue and reasoned the anatomic term of arteria radicularis magna for artery of Adamkiewicz. Kadyi s social endeavors enabled women an access to higher education and university employment in 1895. His academic foresight, thrift and vigilance made Kadyi deserve a title of Rector Vigilantissimus.

Corresponding author: Andrzej Wincewicz, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology, FEBP (Fellow of European Board of Pathology); e-mails:,

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