Unicameral bone cyst of the calcaneus - minimally invasive endoscopic surgical treatment. Case report

Vol. 58 No. 2, 2017


Ioan Cristian Stoica, Doina Mihaela Pop, Florin Grosu

The role of arthroscopic surgery for the treatment of various orthopedic pathologies has greatly improved during the last years. Recent publications showed that benign bone lesion may benefit from this minimally invasive surgical method, in order to minimize the invasiveness and the period of immobilization and to increase visualization. Unicameral bone cysts may be adequately treated by minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. The purpose of the current paper is to present the case report of a patient with a unicameral bone cyst of the calcaneus that underwent endoscopically assisted treatment with curettage and bone grafting with allograft from a bone bank, with emphasis on the surgical technique. Unicameral bone cyst is a benign bone lesion, which can be adequately treated by endoscopic curettage and percutaneous injection of morselized bone allograft in symptomatic patients.

Corresponding author: Ioan Cristian Stoica, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail: stoicacristianioan@gmail.com

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