Intramuscular human Dirofilaria repens infection of the temporal region - case report and review of the literature

Vol. 58 No. 2, 2017


Mircea-Ionut Gheorghita, Mircea-Catalin Fortofoiu, Cristiana Iulia Dumitrescu, Daniela Dumitrescu, Adrian Camen, Claudiu Margaritescu

Dirofilariasis is a zoonotic worldwide-distributed disease, especially in regions with warm to temperate climate, where it recently recorded a significant increase of prevalence. A 61-year-old female, a dog owner, residing in the Southwest of Romania, near a swamp, developed a painless nodule in the left temporal region. The contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a temporal intramuscular cystic lesion. The surgical exploration confirmed the lesion as with intramuscular localization. The histopathology and biochemistry investigations established as a cause of the lesion an infestation with Dirofilaria repens species. The patient underwent an anthelmintic treatment with Diethylcarbamazine and the clinical and radiological follow-up did not revealed any recurrences within a period of 15 months after surgery. This is the second case reported in Craiova (Romania), the seventh worldwide reported case with localization in the temporal region, and the second one with intramuscular development in this region. The existence of such cases should alert the clinician to include parasitosis in the differential diagnosis of atypical space-occupying lesions of the head regions.

Corresponding author: Cristiana Iulia Dumitrescu, Lecturer, MD, PhD; e-mail: dumitrescu.cristiana@gmail

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