Histological and immunohistochemical study on the dental pulp of patients with diabetes mellitus

Vol. 58 No. 2, 2017


Alina Iren Moraru, Lelia Mihaela Gheorghita, Ionela Teodora Dascalu, Marilena Bataiosu, Horia Octavian Manolea, Doriana Agop Forna, Ana Maria Raca, Cristian Adrian Ratiu, Oana Andreea Diaconu

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that brings numerous alterations in the human body, mainly on the blood vessels and nervous system, its complications being difficult to treat most of the time. Oral complications are largely known and studied. Changes that occur in the dental pulp are of importance for the dentists, considering regular procedures outcome. In early stages of the disease, new blood vessels appear especially under the odontoblasts layer as a reaction to stimuli. In later stages, the defense systems of the dental pulp are outnumbered, nervous branches will be destroyed and disorganized. When periodontal disease occurs as well the mortification of the dental pulp will be faster.

Corresponding author: Horia Octavian Manolea, Associate Professor, DMD, PhD; e-mail: manoleahoria@gmail.com; Cristian Adrian Ratiu, Associate Professor, PhD; e-mail: ratiu_cristian@yahoo.com

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