Clinical dental adhesive application: the influence on composite-enamel interface morphology

Vol. 55 No. 3 Suppl., 2014
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Ruxandra Matei, Mihai Raul Popescu, Mircea Suciu, Anne-Marie Rauten

Although the adhesion phenomenon is crucial in achieving and maintaining a composite building on dental structure, this phenomenon is not completely understood. On the other hand, adhesion is dependent on the interface quality (the interface between enamel and adhesive). In this study, the authors approached the subject of the influence of adhesive clinical application on the composite-enamel interface, which was less investigated by the scientists. On intact extracted human teeth were prepared enamel areas, and then filled with light-curing composite. The teeth were sectioned and prepared for microscopic investigation, at 10x, 100x and 200x magnifications.

Corresponding author: Mihai Raul Popescu, Associate Professor, DMD, PhD; e-mail:

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Gabriel-Radu Rica, Claudia Paula Badi, Ana-Maria Rica, Carmen-Mirela Sirbu, Nicolae Rica

The study conducted on a total of 1344 preterm births, of which 403 hypotrophic fetuses births (between 2010-2012 within the Maternal Clinics of Craiova, Romania), studied the involvement of dental inflammatory infections in the chorioamnionitis onset. The possibility of transferring germs, toxins and degraded materials into the blood flow, and them entering the chorioamniotic structures is quite a common issue. Subclinically often evolving chorioamniotic membrane and its existence is clearly established after birth by histopathological and bacteriological examinations, being partially responsible for the growth delay of the conception product. Our study revealed this fact, by using clinical examinations, ultrasound exams, bacteriological determinations of the amniotic fluid and the placenta, alongside the histopathological examinations. The chorioamnionitis inflammatory process is responsible for premature birth, through a high synthesis of interleukins (IL) and prostaglandins, causing uterine contractions. Our IL-6 dosage determinations show its growth that can be considered a prediction marker for preterm birth.

Corresponding author: Nicolae Rica, Consultant Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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