Study of bone cells by confocal microscopy in fractures stimulated by ultrasound

Vol. 54 No. 2, 2013


Malina Coman, Mihaela Hincu

The ultrasound mechanism of action in fracture healing is still unknown. The mechanism that controls the compartment of each cell during healing process derives, possibly, from the microenvironment of said cells; studies in the field show differences of 55 to 84% between cross-sectional areas, depending on the sectioning mode. In order to assess the impact of ultrasound application to bone cells, we have examined bone tissue by help of Nikon E-600 microscope; the three-dimensional images have been obtained by Zeiss LSM 510 laser confocal microscope, from the Riken Physico-Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Japan. Morphometry analysis was made by Lucia Computer Program. An increase by 10% in the surface of cavities containing osteocytes has been noticed in the batch stimulated by ultrasound as compared to control batch, with individual values of 21.86 to 98.139 in both batches. The changes that appear in stimulated bone, from both morphometrical point of view and that of osteonal positioning, as compared to normal bone tissue, are the final result of such remodeling, in which the bone did not take its initial form, but the one that could best perform its function.

Corresponding author: Malina Coman, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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