Oncoprotein metastasis: an expanded topography

Vol. 54 No. 2, 2013


Razvan T. Radulescu

In this survey, the initial insights on the sub- and transcellular process of oncoprotein metastasis (OPM) are linked to recent observations and advances in related fields. The six proteins described here, i.e. insulin, osteopontin, interleukin-6, anterior gradient-2 protein, cellular apoptosis susceptibility protein and hepatoma-derived growth factor, as well as distinct peptide fragments thereof might henceforth serve as pivotal biomarkers for OPM in clinical chemistry, molecular morphology, pathology and oncology and, as a result, guide as potential targets future structure-based interventions in cancer treatment.

Corresponding author: Razvan Tudor Radulescu, MD, PD Dr. med.; e-mail: ratura@gmx.net

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