Bilateral high origins of testicular arteries: a rare variant

Vol. 53 No. 2, 2012


Jing Li, Zhen Feng Ren, Tao Sun

We report a very rare case of bilateral high origins of testicular arteries in a 66-year-old Chinese male cadaver. The arteries originated from the antero-lateral aspect of the abdominal aorta, cranially to the origins of ipsilateral renal arteries. Approximately 1.1 cm after its origin, the right testicular artery gave off the middle suprarenal artery. During its course, the artery crossed anterior to the right renal vessels. The left testicular artery coursed posterior to the left suprarenal vein, anterior to the left renal vessels. Variants of the origin and course of the testicular artery are important during renal and testicular surgeries.

Corresponding author: Jing Li; e-mail:

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