The involvement of TGF-beta1 and CTGF in regional gingival overgrowth

Vol. 53 No. 1, 2012


Elena Annabel Nitulescu, Monica Mihaela Craitoiu, Monica Ileana Banita, Emma Draghici, Stefania Craitoiu

Gingival overgrowth is a multifactorial and invalidating condition. Our research is about gingival overgrowth caused by gingival plaque, its purpose being the evaluation of the presence of gingivitis and/or parodontitis in patients with gingival growth and the extent in which there is a connection between gingival overgrowth and the inflammatory process that can contribute to an exceedingly stimulation of the overgrowth. Immunohistological study was conducted on human material - gingival mucosa that came from patients with ages between 20-65 years, divided into three groups: group I - control group, group II - patients with gingivitis, group III - patients with local or general periodontitis. The intensity of immunohistochemical staining of TGF-beta1 and CTGF varies from one group to another, and also depends on the area of gingival mucosa that was observed. TGF-beta1 has a crucial role in periodontal disease fibrogenesis by intensifying the action of CTGF.

Corresponding author: Monica Mihaela Craitoiu, Assistant, MD, e-mail:

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