Bilateral incomplete discoid lateral meniscus in a 14 weeks fetus: a case report and review of literature

Vol. 52 No. 2, 2011


B. V. Murlimanju, Narga Nair, Shakuntala R. Pai, Mamatha Tonse, V. Vinay Kumar

Discoid lateral meniscus is a rare condition that unilateral is more common than bilateral, here we report a case of bilateral discoid lateral meniscus which was observed in the knee joints of a female fetal cadaver of 14 weeks gestation (92 mm crown-rump length). It was an incomplete type of discoid meniscus, occupying about three fourth of the tibial plateau area. The embryological basis of this anomaly is discussed with emphasize on its clinical implications. This finding support the opinion that discoid lateral meniscus as a true congenital malformation that is not found in normal development.

Corresponding author: B. V. Murlimanju, Assistant Professor, MD, e-mail:

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