A rare variant of internal anatomy of a third mandibular molar: a case report

Vol. 52 No. 2, 2011


V. Nimigean, Vanda Roxana Nimigean, D. I. Salavastru

The several anatomical variations existing in the root canal system may contribute to failure of the root canal therapy. Knowledge of the internal dental morphology is a complex and extremely important point for planning and performing endodontic therapy. This paper reports the case of a left mandibular third molar that presented only one dental conical root and only one aberrant radicular canal with an initial annular portion situated in the coronar third of the root and a linear portion at the level of the other two thirds of the dental root, which opened through an apical foramen. Root canal therapy and case management are described. Features like wide crown access, adequate illumination and use of exploring files where important for successful completion of the endodontic treatment. The treatment was performed through conventional methods. This clinical case constitutes a rare anatomical variant of internal radicular morphology.

Corresponding author: Victor Nimigean, Professor, PhD, e-mail: victornimigean@yahoo.com

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