Age assessment from mandible: comparison of radiographic and histologic methods

Vol. 52 No. 2, 2011


D. P. Mohite, M. S. Chaudhary, P. M. Mohite, S. P. Patil

Age assessment is an integral and important aspect of forensic odontology. The use of long bones and teeth has been documented since decades. The aim of this study was to use both radiographic and histologic methods of age estimation and to determine which method gives a near actual age. Orthopantomograph (OPG) was used to study the radiographic changes and ground sections were made for histologic study. Of the various parameters studied, we concluded that the histologic parameters recorded ages, which were closer to the actual age. Of the histologic parameters, two to three parameters when combined were still better.

Corresponding author: Deepali Mohite, Senior Lecturer, MDS, PhD, e-mail:,

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