Renal artery variations: embryological basis and surgical correlation

Vol. 51 No. 3, 2010


Virendra Budhiraja, Rakhi Rastogi, A. K. Asthana

Understanding anatomy of the vascular variations of kidney is essential for the clinician to perform procedures such as renal transplantation, interventional radiological procedures and renal vascular operations more safely and efficiently. In order to facilitate the clinical approaches, we studied renal arterial pattern in 50 formalin-fixed cadavers, on 100 kidneys. We observed prehilar multiple branching patterns in 11 (11.66%) cases, duplication of renal artery in eight (8.33%) cases and superior polar artery in seven (6.66%) cases. In the present study findings discussed with its clinical correlation.

Corresponding author: Virendra Budhiraja, Associate Professor, e-mail:

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