The three-dimensional modeling of the complex virtual human elbow joint

Vol. 51 No. 3, 2010


Daniela Tarnita, C. Boborelu, D. Popa, Corina Tarnita, Ligia Rusu

The paper presents the algorithm to obtain a 3D virtual human elbow joint using CT images. For that purpose, we used CAD parametric software, which allows defining models with a high level of difficulty including complex 3D shapes. The virtual biomechanical system of the human elbow containing bones, ligaments and muscles is studied using the finite elements method and will be prepared for kinematical and dynamical simulations. The 3D virtual model will be useful for future studies concerning prosthesis optimization, improving the performances of endo-prosthetic and exo-prosthetic devices, different implants and prosthetic systems for normal and pathological situations, structures which are acted upon by SMA artificial muscles or which contain SMA elements.

Corresponding author: Daniela Tarnita, Professor, Engineer, PhD, e-mail:

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