Hepato-spleno-mesenteric trunk: a case report

Vol. 51 No. 2, 2010


K. Sridhar Varma, Narendra Pamidi, Venkata Ramana Vollala, Sreenivas R. Bolla

Hepatic, splenic and left gastric arteries are the "classical branches" of celiac trunk. The authors report a rare variation, hepato-spleno-mesenteric trunk with two classical branches of celiac trunk and superior mesenteric artery having common origin from the abdominal aorta. The third classical branch of the celiac trunk (left gastric artery) was directly arising from the abdominal aorta. Knowledge of variations concerning the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric arteries are of great important for both surgical approaches and angiographic examinations.

Corresponding author: Narendra Pamidi, Senior Grade Lecturer, e-mail: pommidi_narendra@yahoo.co.in

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