Past experience of SUUB's Pathology Department in classic based cervico-vaginal cytology

Vol. 50 No. 4, 2009


Anca Mihaela Lazaroiu, Maria Comanescu, V. Moldovan, Diana Secara, Monica Cirstoiu, Maria Sajin, M. Stoian, Gabriela Anton

The importance of screening to detect early lesions that may soon turn into cervical carcinoma is well known. The Romanian contribution to the diagnosis of these lesions dates back over a century ago and is due to A. Babes (1926 and later in the standardization of the Papanikolaou 1928). The experience of the Cytology Compartment of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest increased permanently regarding smears made conventionally and those in liquid medium. We believe that this experience should be statistically analyzed and compared with the histological results, especially for the cases of high-grade intraepithelial neoplastic lesions. The article scholastically presents the activity of SUUB's Cytology Compartment, our cases arising mostly from Departments of Gynecology and from medical or surgical emergency cases that were considered at risk by SUUB's clinicians. Our study is based on conventional based Pap test cervico-vaginal cytology activity reports of SUUB's Pathology Department from the past 23 months - 9730 cases -, using Bethesda 2001 system, including descriptive statistics parameters by age, year period, and diagnostic categories. The authors make a detailed description of the pool, enumerating its epidemiological attributes for a future comparative analysis CBP versus LBP - the current technical procedure in SUUB's Cytology Compartment.

Corresponding author: Anca Mihaela Lazaroiu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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