Correct complete denture rehabilitation, a chance for recovering abused tissues

Vol. 50 No. 4, 2009


Iuliana Babiuc, Mihaela Pauna, Madalina Adriana Malita, Simona Georgiana Ariton, Maria Damian, Vasilica Ungureanu, Anca Petrini

The prosthodontic treatment must provide for the edentulous patients bio-functional prosthetic restorations, bio-prophylactic for the surrounding tissues. In this aim, an edentulous patient must be submitted to a methodical clinical examination in order to establish the quality of hard and soft tissues, which will indicate the degree of difficulty of the prosthetic treatment. Additional investigation as a microbiologic examination and cephalometric radiographs can be useful in a modern investigation. In our daily practice, we are rarely confronted with a normal morphology of the denture bearing oral structures. The problem of managing abused tissues in a patient with morphologic abnormalities due to faulty prostheses is sometimes difficult to solve. Preventing the deterioration of oral status must be a condition in providing a chance for the success of the following rehabilitations, mainly in the situation when the complete edentulousness succeeds in a young or middle age patient.

Corresponding author: Iuliana Babiuc, DDS, PhD candidate, e-mail:

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