Ultrastructural modifications at the level of marginal periodontium in the case of incorrect dental reconstruction

Vol. 50 No. 4, 2009


Adriana Pirte, Ligia Vaida, Alina Venter, D. Slavescu, G. Teseleanu, Mariana Muresan, Otilia Micle, Gabriela Mutiu

Our study focused on the evolution of the marginal periodontium inflammatory process caused by an incorrect dental reconstruction. Our research studied a control group and a group of patients having traumatic and inflammatory lesions in different stages of evolution. A pronounced rarefaction of the junction desmosome structures as well as an inflammatory process pointed out by the presence of macrophages, neutrophils, Langerhans' cells, and mastocytes. The presence of altered fibroblasts and collagen fibers in the electron microscopic sections of vascular lesions represents microscopic signs of the inflammation and support the theory of local immunoglobulin synthesis.

Corresponding author: Adriana Pirte, DDS, PhD, e-mail: pirteadriana@gmail.com

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