Utero-adnexal damage in septic abortion. Histopathological study on 91 cases

Vol. 50 No. 4, 2009


M. Biris, Mihaela Moldovan, D. Pascut, A. Motoc

Septic abortion represents the main causes of abortion-induced maternal death. Hysterectomy may represent a beneficial therapeutic solution for septic abortion, nevertheless with irreversible effects on a woman's reproductive condition. The study analyzes the anatomopathological damage found in ninety-one patients hospitalized for septic abortion. The patients were admitted to the "Dr. D. Popescu" Clinical Hospital, Timisoara, between 1980-1989 and 1999-2008; hysterectomy was performed in all the cases to eliminate uterine sepsis responsible for the emerging complications.

Corresponding author: Marius Biris, MD, PhD candidate, e-mail: marius308@yahoo.com

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