Multiple arterial, neural and muscular variations in upper limb of a single cadaver

Vol. 50 No. 1, 2009


Venkata Ramana Vollala, Somayaji Nagabhooshana, Seetharama Manjunatha Bhat, Bhagath Kumar Potu, V. Rodrigues, N. Pamidi

During routine dissection classes to undergraduate medical students, we have observed some important anatomic variations in the right upper limb of a 45-year-old cadaver. The anomalies were superficial ulnar artery, persistent median artery, variant superficial palmar arch, third head for biceps brachii, accessory head for flexor pollicis longus, variant insertion of pectoralis major, absence of musculocutaneous nerve, coracobrachialis muscle supplied by lateral root of median nerve and anomalous branching of median nerve in arm and forearm. Although there are individual reports about these variations, the combination of these variations in one cadaver has not previously been described in the literature consulted. Awareness of these variations is necessary to avoid complications during radiodiagnostic procedures or surgeries in the upper limb.

Corresponding author: Venkata Ramana Vollala, e-mail:

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