Hypothesis of microfractures by buckling theory of bone's trabeculas from vertebral bodies affected by osteoporosis

Vol. 50 No. 1, 2009


Nina Ionovici, M. Negru, D. Grecu, Mirela Vasilescu, L. Mogoantă, Adriana Bold, Rodica Trăistaru

Osteoporosis has become in recent years a public health problem considered a true 'silent epidemic', by increasing the number of osteoporosis fractures in the world as a result of increased number of persons 3rd group of age by increasing life expectancy and reducing physical effort and the emergence of sedentary occupations, increasing incidence of obesity, diabetes, liver disease and kidney by applying widely corticosteroid therapy. Starting from the macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the bone spongy tissue affected by osteoporosis, from vertebral bodies, we try to explain the modality of damaging the bone micro-structure by buckling phenomenon, knowing that the bone tissue has at trabecular level, an elasticity degree and supports high levels of mechanical forces.

Corresponding author: Nina Ionovici, MD, PhD, e-mail: mogoanta@umfcv.ro

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