An accessory iliacus muscle: a case report

Vol. 49 No. 3, 2008


Sujatha D'Costa, Lakshmi A. Ramanathan, Sampath Madhyastha, S. R. Nayak, Latha V. Prabhu, Rajalakshmi Rai, Vasudha V. Saralaya, Prakash

We present a case of an anomalous accessory iliacus muscle in the iliac fossa which gets originated from the iliac crest and inserting along with iliopsoas, and appear to compress the L4 root of femoral nerve. During the routine dissection of a male cadaver aged 58 years, we found an accessory iliacus muscle. The L2 and L3 nerve roots joined the L4 root distal to the accessory iliacus muscle. The L4 root of the femoral nerve supplied accessory iliacus muscle. Accessory iliacus muscle might cause tension on the femoral nerve resulting in referred pain to the hip and knee joints and to the lumbar dermatome L4. The clinical significance of this variant muscle and its importance in the femoral nerve entrapment has been discussed.

Corresponding author: Sujatha D'Costa, MSc, e-mail:

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