Bilateral variation of facial artery: a case report

Vol. 49 No. 3, 2008


Chakravarthy Marx, P. Kumar, Sreenivasulu Reddy, Venkata Ramana Vollala

Dissection of a 65-year-old male cadaver revealed bilateral anomalous facial artery. The right facial artery taking origin from the external carotid artery did not make any loop in the submandibular region, entered the face by winding round the lower border of mandible, and terminated as the inferior labial artery. The upper part of the right side face in this case was supplied by various branches of transverse facial artery, infra orbital artery and dorsal nasal artery. The origin, course and branching pattern of the left facial artery was normal except the inferior labial artery was missing from it. The venous drainage of the face was normal on both sides. This case may provide useful information for clinical applications in different fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Corresponding author: Venkata Ramana Vollala, MSc, e-mail:

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