Multiple right schwannoma

Vol. 49 No. 2, 2008


Rodica Trăistaru, Viorela Enăchescu, Daniela Manuc, Corina Gruia, Mirela Ghiluşi

We report a case of multiple schwannoma in a 63-year-old woman, with histopathological and ultrasound analyses, treated by surgical resection. Our patient presented two masses of ulnar nerve and one mass of superficial fibular nerve, both in the right side of the body. All tumors were encapsulated and the microscopic aspects were represented through two tissue types, cellular tissue (Antoni A) with areas of nuclear palisading (Verocay bodies) and more myxoid, less cellular tissue (Antoni B). A careful clinical examination usually determines the level of involvement without identifying the exact pathology. The tumors were easy to remove without affecting the nerves. Surgical exploration is necessary both as a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. By presenting this case we wanted to emphasize that presence of schwannoma tumors in the peripheral nerves - ulnar and superficial fibular, and suggest a schwannomatosis case - a rare form of neurofibromatosis (a genetic disorder growths of Schwann cells and other cells that support peripheral nerves), that has only recently been recognized.

Corresponding author: Rodica Traistaru, PhD, e-mail:

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