Drug-induced hepatitis - morphological and ultrastructural aspects

Vol. 48 No. 4, 2007


Aurelia Enescu, P. Mitruț, Elena Buteică, B. Stănoiu, Anca Enescu

Frequency of drug-induced liver diseases is increasingly, more than 200 different drugs being incriminated in hepatic disorders. We performed a retrospective study on 65 cases of deaths due to drug intoxications and an experimental model of subacute hepatitis induced by acetaminophen. In our experimental model, we observed various histological lesions: granular degeneration, vascular congestion, lymphoplasmocyte infiltration, cytonecrosis. Histological criteria are not specifically, but very usefully, because based on these criteria we can suspect a drug etiology in hepatic disorders when any other cause is absent. Ultrastructural study of hepatocytes revealed some modifications, in addition to data provided by optical microscopy.

Corresponding author: Aurelia Enescu, MD, PhD, e-mail: ancaenescus@yahoo.com

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