Venous circulation of the bronchial wall

Vol. 48 No. 4, 2007


I. Mîndrilă, Mihaela Niculescu, L. Mogoantă, G. A. Guja, O. M. Mărginean, B. Căpitănescu, A. Popescu

Bronchial supply plays an important role in both the protecting mechanisms and the pathogenic ones of many chronic inflammatory, infections or ischemic diseases of the lung. However, little is known regarding the bronchial supply development; the appearance of the connections to the functional pulmonary supply; the territory supplied by the bronchial veins. In this study, we follow the distribution of the pulmonary veins branches at the level of the subcarinal airways and their relationship to the bronchial veins in the human lungs. For studying the venous supply of the airways, we used the corrosion and colored gelatin injection methods followed by microdissection by means of an operator microscope. Venous circulation of the intrapulmonary airways is mainly tributary to the pulmonary vein branches. Venous circulation of the extrapulmonary airways is tributary to both the pulmonary and the bronchial veins. Taking into account the difference of sizes, we consider that, under physiologic conditions, the main venous collector is represented by the pulmonary veins.

Corresponding author: Ion Mândrilă, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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