Lymphangioma of the oral cavity

Vol. 47 No. 4, 2006


Ligia Stănescu, E. F. Georgescu, Cristiana Simionescu, Iuliana Georgescu

Lymphangiomas are uncommon congenital hamartomas of the lymphatic system, usually diagnosed in infancy and early childhood. Commonly located at head and neck, they are rarely situated in the oral cavity. Preferred site of oral involvement is the tongue. In the absence of proper therapy, lymphangiomas of the tongue are extremely recurrent, leading to serious complications such as hemorrhage or obstruction of the upper respiratory airways. The authors present the case of eleven years old boy with pseudo-vesicles, and smooth, glossy lesions on the tongue, and a red prominent pulsative sublingual mass located at the base of the tongue. Both the macroscopic structure and the histological aspect sustain the diagnosis of lymphangioma. CT established that is a profound lymphangioma with a narrow communication with the superficial planes. Conclusions. Though rarely met in the oral cavity, lymphangiomas are an eventuality to take into consideration by the clinician. Early recognition is of utmost importance to initiation of proper treatment, and avoiding serious complication.

Corresponding author: Ligia Stănescu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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