Histochemical and histopathological study of the gastric mucosa in the portal hypertensive gastropathy

Vol. 47 No. 3, 2006


Alina-Cătălina Drăghia

It has been studied 'in situ' the action of NADH2-cytochrome C reductase, an aerobe oxidative enzyme, in comparison to lactate dehydrogenase, a glycolitic enzyme in the gastric mucosa and with portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) accompanied by morpho-pathological observations. In the normal gastric mucosa, the aerobe oxidative metabolism is predominant over the anaerobe one in all types of cells, but in different intensities (medium in the surface epithelium and low in the vascular endothelium, weak, medium, intense and very intense in fibroblasts and in secretory cells of fundic glands and macrophages). In the portal hypertensive gastropathy, this type of metabolism decreases and the anaerobe metabolism increases, tending to equal the first, especially in the glandular cells. The oxidative activity decreases in the surface epithelium and in the vascular endothelium, increases in cells of the inflammatory infiltrate and in fibroblasts and mast cells.

Corresponding author: Alina-Cătălina Drăghia, MD, PhD candidate, e-mail: draghia_alina@yahoo.com

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