46,XY Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and myasthenia gravis

Vol. 47 No. 3, 2006


Corina Lichiardopol, V. Herlea, Virginia Ioan, V. Tomulescu, F. Mixich

Both hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and myasthenia gravis can be parts of type II autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome and association between the two disorders has been reported in few cases. A 14-year-old male patient with a personal history of bilateral cryptorchidism and ptosis was referred for delayed puberty. Clinical examination revealed eunuchoid habitus, small, soft testes, gynecomastia, ptosis, a myasthenic deficit score of 22.5 points and an IQ of 84 points. Decreased testosterone (0.064 ng/mL) and elevated LH (64.5 mUI/mL) were consistent with hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and karyotype was normal: 46,XY. Thyroid function, haematologic evaluation, BUN, elecrolytes, and glycemia were in the normal range. Therapy consisted of anticholinesterase inhibitors, immunosuppressants, corticotherapy, testosterone; thoracoscopic thymectomy was performed showing thymic lymphoid hyperplasia on histopathologic examination. Myasthenic score improved (12.5 points), progressive virilization occurred, and a year later the patient presented with cushingoid features and obesity.

Corresponding author: Corina Lichiardopol, MD, e-mail: corinalich@gmail.com

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