Former and present aspects in neuro-skull architecture

Vol. 47 No. 3, 2006


M. C. Niculescu, V. Niculescu, Adelina Jianu, M. Zăvolan, A. Motoc

The classical authors considered the functional resistance of the neuro-skull to consist of arcs at the arch level, rafters at the base and pillars at the joint of the arcs and rafters, those last also connecting the neuro-skull framework and that of the viscero-skull. The new outlooks replace the term pillar with that of resistance node and assemble the arcs and rafters within common structures, named resistance belts. The belts are: one in transversal, three sagittal, two in frontal plane and two oblique positions. At the intersection of the belts, the resistance nodes are placed.

Corresponding author: Marius Corneliu Niculescu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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