Morpho-physiological aspects of rapports between bone and marrow bone

Vol. 47 No. 3, 2006


Ligia Rusu, M. Dănoiu, Suzana Dănoiu, Elvira Păun

Border between bone and marrow bone has many problems regards differentiation, cells topography, dynamic process of osteoclasto-genesis. Therefore, this study tries to present morphophysiological aspects of this border, using many bone fragments that include compact and spongious bone. We observed genesis process of trabecular bone near the chondroclast zone and the osteoblast between sinusoid capillaries. Also, the development of lamellar bone and the rapports between this structures, new marrow cells and angiogenesis process that exist near the lamellar trabecular bone surface. We observed the relation between immune system and bone, because it exist some factors that involve the development of cells precursors of lymphocyte B. Using a special staining method we observed the process of angiogenesis, hematopoetic system and reticuline fibers.

Corresponding author: Ligia Rusu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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