Clinical and morphofunctional identity of the nasal SMAS

Vol. 64 No. 2, 2023


Marius Valeriu Hinganu, Delia Hinganu, Octavian Dragos Palade, Iuliana Eva, Simona Ruxandra Volovat, Ramona Paula Cucu, Victor Vlad Costan

The fascial system of the face (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system, SMAS) in the nasal part is a sustained layer that connects the nearby regions. In this paper, we aimed to emphasize the presence of SMAS in different areas of the nasal region: ala nasi, nasolabial fold, nasal dorsum and radix. We performed three studies (anatomical, histological, and radiological) to demonstrate the existence of nasal SMAS. The study group consisted of cadaveric analyses and retrospective analysis of the patient radiological data. The nasal SMAS was identified as a superficial fascia and a subcutaneous adipose layer. The anatomical dissection study together with histological and radiological evaluations demonstrated the presence of SMAS in the nasal region. We identified peculiarities of the nasal SMAS in two areas: in the ala nasi where it is thinner, and the deep part of the dermis does not adhere to the underlying structures and at the radix and dorsum nasi, where the adipose layer is very thin. The results of our research define nasal SMAS as a unit of great value in facial surgeries, such as facial rejuvenation, the resolution of malformations, or tumor removal.

Corresponding author: Delia Hinganu, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:; Octavian Dragos Palade, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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