Uterine embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in adult women: a case report on the challenging diagnosis and treatment

Vol. 64 No. 1, 2023


Catalin Florin Pop, Claudia Maria Stanciu-Pop, Christiane Jungels, Marie Chintinne, Carlos Artigas Guix, Florin Grosu, Ciprian Juravle, Isabelle Veys

Background: Uterine embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (uERMS) in adult women is a very rare malignant entity. The study aim was to report a case of adult uERMS and to discuss the implications of histopathological diagnosis on the treatment and prognosis. Case presentation: We present here the clinicopathological features of a uERMS case in an adult woman. The study has been approved by the institutional Ethics Committee and an informed consent has been obtained (IJB/CE3005). A 45-year-old woman presented to her gynecologist with intermenstrual bleedings and polypoid cervical mass (initially interpreted as benign polyp). A second biopsy was sent to our Department of Pathology at the Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium for revision and was reinterpreted as botryoid-type uERMS. The patient underwent a total hysterectomy. The final pathology confirms a 3 cm cervical ERMS, and a simple surveillance was decided by our multidisciplinary team. Six months later, pelvic magnetic resonance imaging control showed a recurrence in the right pelvic lymph nodes. Multi-drug chemotherapy and radiotherapy were done before surgical resection. Pathological examination of the resected pelvic mass confirmed uERMS recurrence of 60 mm, with large zones of necrosis and the presence of cartilaginous structures. The patient is free of disease 60 months after diagnosis. Conclusions: Adult uERMS is rare and the pathological examination is the main element for diagnosis and treatment. It is often confused with other benign entities, at least at the time of diagnosis. ERMS should be included in the differential diagnosis of cervical and uterine polyp of adult women. Long-term survival is possible with a multimodal therapy approach.

Corresponding author: Ciprian Juravle, MD; e-mail: juravle.ciprian@gmail.com; Catalin Florin Pop, MD; e-mail: catalin.florin.pop@hubruxelles.be

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