A research on abortion: ethics, legislation and socio-medical outcomes. Case study: Romania

Vol. 61 No. 1, 2020


Andreea Mihaela Nita, Cristina Ilie Goga

This article presents a research study on abortion from a theoretical and empirical point of view. The theoretical part is based on the method of social documents analysis, and presents a complex perspective on abortion, highlighting items of medical, ethical, moral, religious, social, economic and legal elements. The empirical part presents the results of a sociological survey, based on the opinion survey method through the application of the enquiry technique, conducted in Romania, on a sample of 1260 women. The purpose of the survey is to identify Romanians perception on the decision to voluntary interrupt pregnancy, and to determine the core reasons in carrying out an abortion.

Corresponding author: Andreea Mihaela Nita, Senior Lecturer, PhD; e-mail: andreea_nita2005@yahoo.com; Cristina Ilie Goga, Assistant Professor, PhD; e-mails: cristin_il@yahoo.com, cristina_ilie.goga@ucv.ro

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