Mg-Zn alloys, most suitable for biomedical applications

Vol. 59 No. 1, 2018


Alexandra Catalina Birca, Ionela Andreea Neacsu, Otilia Ruxandra Vasile, Ion Ciuca, Ion Mihai Vasile, Mohammed Alqasim Fayeq, Bogdan Stefan Vasile

In this review are highlighted the corrosion and biocompatibility of biodegradable Mg alloys for their use in orthopedic applications. It was revealed that mixing with alloying elements, such as Mn and Zn, provides improved corrosion resistance to Mg alloys; this pursuit is built on the fact that Mg and its alloys are degradable through their time in the human body. Furthermore, Mg alloys afford a characteristic profile that is very close or even almost identical to that of human bone. Minimizing the rate of corrosion of Mg is the most adequate method, because a low corrosion rate of an Mg implant involves a decrease in the extent of hydrogen evolution and alkalization, which allow the human body to gradually absorb or consume the corrosion products.

Corresponding author: Bogdan Stefan Vasile, Scientific Researcher, PhD; e-mail:

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