Pro Memoria. Professor Boleslaw Jalowy (1906-1943): Mortui viventes obligant - the livings are obligated to the dead

Vol. 57 No. 2 Suppl., 2016
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Andrzej Wincewicz

Professor Boleslaw Jalowy (1906-1943) was a chairman of Department of Histology and Embryology at Faculty of Medicine of King John Casimir University (Polish: Universytet Jana Kazimierza: UJK) in Lvov. He succeeded Professor Wladyslaw Szymonowicz (1869-1939) who held this position for decades. As the most skillful followers of his tutor, Boleslaw Jalowy was a great investigator of physiology of human tissue, embryogenesis, histological consequences of female sex hormones on blood clotting action as well as regeneration of nerves in addition to description of silver staining technique for reticulin fibers of skin. He was a hard working person with gentle attitude to such a subtle matter as microscopic structure of human body. However, he happened to live in brutal conditions of nationalistic struggles. His example shows how much a dedicated scientist could do in a very short time as his life was tragically ended with murdering him during World War Two. His story is a great lesson for generations of academic workers how to meet high moral standards with efficient and creative scientific work in evil and destructive, nationalistic climate that occurs usually in wartime.

Corresponding author: Andrzej Wincewicz, Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:,

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